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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Garden Part II

Red Sage abounds in our native plant landscape. It reseeds itself very easily, and then tends to pop up in random places. It's bright red color attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, and looks beautiful when planted in a mass.

The Chamomile and Lavender plants were planted this year and are still getting established, but they are liking their new home. I mulched them with sand because they both enjoy dry feet, and I love the look of sand in the garden.

Dune Sunflower is one of my favorite groundcovers. It spreads quickly and so you really need to find a good spot where it can spread. It's wonderful for planting in an area where you want to get rid of the grass. Dune Sunflower is also very drought tolerant and flowers almost all year long in Florida. The past two years all our Dune Sunflower plants died back to the ground due to the rare cold season we had, but they happily came back in spring. I love pulling up to my house and seeing Dune Sunflower, it makes me happy.

More caterpillars. I love these little guys (and gals)! Can you spot the cute little ladybug?

Beebalm (Monarda) is in full bloom right now. The flower is created so perfectly that up close is so pleasing to look at, and it has a wonderful fragrance. The bees of course love it, and by the end of summer we will have lots of bees buzzing.

Salt Marshmallow growing in our pond. It's a wetland plant and so I planted it directly in our pond. This beautiful flower makes it's appearance every so often, and when it does it is stunning. Pink and yellow together, what could be more wonderful? 
I hope your summer is smiling back at you through many a flower......I know mine is...

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