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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Morning Inspirations

Most mornings, I hightail myself out of bed around 6:45 am and head straight to the beach to get a glimpse of dawn breaking. It's never a bad decision and I feel the ocean's energy on these mornings helping me to energize, start fresh, and provide creative fuel for anything that might come my way during the day. 

This is me this morning at my favorite local beach spot, just a few blocks from my house. I basically almost ran out the door to catch the sunrise on time, no makeup, no time for doing my hair!

Each morning I find interesting things at the beach. Today was super low tide (love these days!) and TONS of shells! (I love the donut-looking beach stone towards the bottom)

Here's my favorite one from today, a piece of turquoise seaglass. It's not very often I find these but when I do it's like I found gold! hehehe....they are just THAT pretty especially laying in the sand sparkling with water.

What do you do in the mornings for inspiration? I'd love to hear!

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