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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few of my Favorite Fall Things

No-Bake Autumn Apple Crisp made with large organic Gala apples

My six-year old daughter's homemade pumpkins

The purple hues from Florida native Muhly Grass blowing in the wind

Shells, seabeans, and driftwood from a family walk on the beach this past Sunday. I love all the natural colors. One day I want to use some of these natural colors to match paint to paint rooms in our home. 
When we go to the beach, we bring two bags: one for collecting beach treasures and one for collecting trash (on the walk back). The trash we pick up is almost always 99% plastic. I'm so not a fan of plastic! But, it feels so good doing little things like that for the environment, especially our friends the sea turtles.

When I served the Autumn Apple Crisp last night I included it with the main course, it's so healthy! Here's the recipe:

Colleen's Autumn Apple Crisp

2 Large Apples, cored and cubed (skins left on)
1 C. Dates, pitted
1 C. Almonds
1/4 C. Honey
Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

1. Place 1 C. Almonds, 1/2 C. Dates, a few drops of Vanilla, pinch of cinnamon, and pinch of Salt in food processor and process until chunky. Set aside.
2. Place 1 apple (chopped), 1/2 C. Dates, 1/4 C. Honey, pinch of salt, teaspoon of Cinnamon, and few drops of Vanilla in food processor. Process until smooth. Add second apple and process until chunky.
3. Spread apple mixture on top of crust and sprinkle with unsweetened coconut flakes.

Note: if you have a dehydrator you can place this dish in dehyrator at 104 degrees to warm for an hour or so, or put it in your oven (no higher than 104 degrees) for an hour.
Enjoy! :-)

What are some of your fall favorites?

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