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Friday, November 18, 2011

Autumn in Florida

 I'm loving the Bald Cypress pine cones forming right now and the leaf litter under the tree.
 Nature's mulch, spread naturally under the trees provides nutrients and minerals, plus it looks beautiful and helps to feed the earth.
One of our sweetgum trees getting ready to change colors. 

Who doesn't love those little delicate Rosemary flowers? Almost always in bloom here in Florida. We have Rosemary shrubs in abundance around our home.

 Goldenrod makes a brilliant fall appearance with it's golden "rods" of color. I love the old red rusty wheelbarrow in the background.
My new Aster plant given to me by my friend Sharon at Maple Street Natives.

Scorpion Tail. I love this plant, up close it's really like a scorpion's tail. From far away, the delicate white flowers looks dainty and cute. White flowers are essential in the landscape because they help light up the landscape naturally in the evening.

Lavender in bloom again. I enjoyed another harvest again this weekend. Who says Lavender can't grow in Florida? They were wrong.

I love this happy, little meadow of our Mimosa lawn. No grass, no water, no fertilizer. And still green.

And, lastly, a handful of acorns. Walking around in the yard I love the crunching beneath my feet and I know the trees are being fed. 
I hope you have a happy day today and enjoy some sights and sounds of native plants in your area!

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