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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Recipe for Keeping Cool with Spa Water

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a massage and while sitting in the waiting room I enjoyed some of their "Spa Water." I'm not sure if that's the official name, but I'm sure you've seen it somewhere, sometime in a spa. You know, water that looks so pretty with cucumbers or lemons floating around, and tastes just as good? So, I just had to try and replicate the awesome memory of my spa time with this homemade Spa Water. Maybe - just maybe - it could bring me back to that peaceful relaxation.
Best of all, I found out that after you make this you can leave it out on the counter, and the lemon/cucumber "ice" will keep you looking and feeling "cool" all throughout the day. Seriously, I had forgotten about it on the dining table, and a few hours later I went and poured myself another, and it was nice and cold. Just what the doctor ordered.

To start, slice up your fresh lemons, cucumbers, kiwi, etc and place the slices in a muffin pan with enough water in each muffin area to cover your slice.

After taking out of the freezer they should easily pop right out. On a couple of them I wedged them out with a knife, but most came out with little effort.

I dumped them all into a bowl. Aren't these ice cubes just pretty?

Place them in your favorite summer pitcher and add water. That's it! Now take a little spa time in your home and slice up this soothing refresher that is sure to beat the summer heat!


  1. This sounds just wonderful...thank you!!!! (I'm used to putting a splash of one of the lemony hydrosols, or cucumber hydrosol in a pitcher of cold water..this would be prettier, and probably give the same flavor...Maybe some peppermint or spearmint or lemon balm leaves in the ice cubes, as well?

  2. Marge what a great idea! I think mint or lemon balm would be great. I have tons of both waiting to be harvested right now. Also, edible flowers would be gorgeous!!!! Thanks for reading my blog!!! :-)