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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Power of Plants

About a month ago, I started a little experiment in my home. I created a natural environment inside my aquarium tank. Starting from scratch, I added sand as my substrate, and about 10 different aquatic plants. It's a 15 gallon (I think) tank, and I've so far added 8 fish. Yesterday I had the water tested and it came out perfect! This is without artificial lighting (the only light the tank receives is from the sunny windows) and without a filter. The plants act as my only filter, yet I believe they do much more than clean water. They regulate water temperature by taking in sunlight and converting it into a vitamin-rich water the fish can utilize. I'm no expert, but that's my best guess. The reason I mention it on this blog - besides my super excitement at my results - is to show you the power of plants. They provide us food, oxygen, and all sorts of healing energies. What would I do without the healing powers of essential oils? I have no idea. When in doubt... think nature. Replicate nature. Trust nature and you'll harvest will be fruitful!

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